Media Payment Setup

1TV Payment Setup Form

1TV is growing fast and we need your assistance in streamlining our payment system for global growth. 

You can pay for your 1TV media service several conveinant ways as outlined below:
OPTION 1:  You can purchase bulk "Voucher" credit package directly from 1TV at discounted rate and save additional money on your monthly media payments
Simply login to your member office and click on "Service Payment"

OPTION 2:  You can purchase individual $30 voucher credit payments from your 1TV sponsor upline each month and pay them directly.   
NOTE: If your 1TV upline sponsor does not have payment vouchers, simply fill your info below and submit.  Our suppot team will connect you with an upline sponsor STAR director who can provide you with payment vouchers. 

   $30 Monthly Payment Voucher Code (Enter Code)

You can enter from 1 to 3 months of voucher payments to take care of 1TV media monthly service payments.  We will send you an email verification when we receive and process your payments

I do NOT have a voucher code and would like to purchase one.  Please send me contact information of my upline sponsors who can provide me with Voucher Payments.